Exterior renovation on a house with hail damage.

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Exterior renovation on a house with hail damage.

Choosing to renovate the exterior of your house is a great choice for many reasons. For some homeowners it is simply an updated and fresh look to replace the old and faded one. For others their existing exterior might be damaged. Hail can damage siding by leaving cracks and holes while wind can rip shingles off of the roof or tear off pieces of soffit or downpipes. This becomes a huge issue because once the exterior envelope has been compromised by weather damage it will invite even more problems to arise. These new openings are now exposed to rain and snow and are certain to cause water damage to the house structure. Left too long and the homeowner will no doubt find themselves with even more costly repairs to replace wet and rotten wood and insulation or worse, interior drywall. 







We worked on a house with these exact issues. The house was about 50 years old and had a roof with worn out shingles and a mixture of original wood siding and ageing vinyl siding while the aluminum soffits and fascia were missing in several locations. To add to the lack of esthetics, the homeowner's house had suffered significant hail damage. From the roof to the siding there was damage. Missing and torn shingles, cracks and holes in the siding and dents on the fascia and gutters. It had become necessary to remove and replace the existing exterior not only to give a fresh, new and updated look but to have a properly installed and sealed exterior that would protect from the sometimes harsh prairie weather. Upon removing the old shingles we discovered wood that had become rotten from a roofing system that was no longer doing it's job. We found wet and rotting fascia boards as well. This is an added expense to the homeowner who now has to replace wood sheathing and boards to keep the structure sound and prevent further deterioration. Once the rest of the old exterior finish including a non functioning chimney was removed, the renovation could begin. 

We installed a new roofing system with felt underlay and a double layer of ice and water protection in the low slope areas of the roof followed by BP's Mystique 42 shingles in the colour Brownstone and brand new vents. Once the walls were wrapped with Tyvek Home Wrap, we insulated the walls with Ayr Foil Hi-Performance reflective insulation. We sealed every seam in the insulation with Ayr Foil aluminum sheathing tape to make sure no water could penetrate. New aluminum soffits in the colour White and fascia in the colour Sable were installed. We installed aluminum cladding on the front door to protect the wooden brickmold and we removed the old and dented green cladding that was on the garage door and replaced it as well. 

Once the house was wrapped and insulated, cladding and soffits and fascia completed, it was time to install the new siding. Gentek's Driftwood D4.5 dutch vinyl siding in the colour Storm is an ever popular colour choice and the one we used here. To add character and visual appeal to the exterior makeover we installed The Foundry Split Shake in the colour Colonial Gray in a section under the bay window.

 To complete the renovation, exact measurments were taken and 5" seamless evestroughs were fabricated on site to ensure a proper fit. Downspouts were installed in the best locations with flip up spouts to direct water flow away from the house foundation. 

Now this house has an exterior that is properly sealed and will protect from the weather for many years to come. It also has a consistent appearance with loads of curb appeal, giving the homeowners the peace of mind they deserve. 



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