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Siding is by definition, an exterior material that is applied to the walls of a house or other building such as a garage. It is meant to insulate, shed water and to protect the walls from the eff...
We have a commercial!
Check out our commercial on the BBB website. Click on the link below.
Best Exterior Renovation!
Every year the Regina & Region Home Builders Association hosts a Master Awards Gala. This anticipated event is an opportunity for members to submit their work in a variety of catagories with the...
Check us out!
We recently decided to purchase a larger trailer to help meet the needs of our growing exterior finishing business. To go along with this new upgrade we figured it was time to add our logo too. And si...
The importance of tear off.
You've made the decision to renovate the exterior of your home. Perhaps your existing siding is faded and worn out. Maybe the stucco is water stained and cracked in places.  Whatever your reasons...

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