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Exterior renovation on a house with hail damage.
Exterior renovation on a house with hail damage. Choosing to renovate the exterior of your house is a great choice for many reasons. For some homeowners it is simply an updated and fresh look to replace the old and faded one. For others their existing exterior might be damaged. Hail can damage siding by leaving cracks and holes while wind can rip
2016 Master Award Finalist2016 Master Award Finalist It is with pride that we annouce the acheivement of becoming a Master Award Finalist for 2016 in the category of Best Exterior Renovation which was held on January 31st. We would like to thank the Regina & Region Home Builders Association for giving us this honour!  This year's submission
James Hardie SidingJames Hardie Siding Hardie Siding is a fibre cement board made of a composite material consisting of sand, cement and cellulose fibres. Requiring little if any maintenance once installed, this product is non-combustible, has a high impact resistance, won't warp or buckle and compared to wood siding is not
EavestroughEavestrough Eavestrough or gutter is defined as a shallow trough fixed beneath the edge of a roof for carrying off rainwater. It is an important component in the roofing system. Correctly installed eavestrough with the proper grade and downpspouts located in the best locations allow for
CladdingCladding Cladding is the application aluminum metal cut and formed in a brake to fit over the exterior wood trim of a building. The cladding provides a skin or layer intended to protect the infiltration of weather elements or for aesthetic purposes. Maybe the paint is peeling on
Soffit & Fascia
Soffit & Fascia Soffit and Fascia provides both functionality and aesthetics to the home and is crucial in any roofing system. It is basically the "skin" that covers up the overhanging eaves and gables. Without soffit and fascia, the rafter beams would be completely exposed to the weather. If the
SidingSiding Siding is by definition, an exterior material that is applied to the walls of a house or other building such as a garage. It is meant to insulate, shed water and to protect the walls from the effects of weather and insects. It is also key in the aesthetics of the structure. Exterior Finishers
Best Exterior Renovation!Best Exterior Renovation! Every year the Regina & Region Home Builders Association hosts a Master Awards Gala. This anticipated event is an opportunity for members to submit their work in a variety of catagories with the hopes of winning a master award. 2014 was a good year for Exterior Finishers Direct. We worked
The importance of tear off. The importance of tear off. You've made the decision to renovate the exterior of your home. Perhaps your existing siding is faded and worn out. Maybe the stucco is water stained and cracked in places.  Whatever your reasons are, it's your job as the homeowner to make sure that the siding contractor you choose is going to
Ask us about Custom Cladding!Ask us about Custom Cladding! What do we mean by Custom Cladding? When renovating the exterior of your home, you may need or want to update the brickmolding around your windows and doors. A maintenance free solution is to clad the brickmold with aluminum trim coil. This comes in a range of colours to match your

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