The importance of tear off.

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The importance of tear off.

You've made the decision to renovate the exterior of your home. Perhaps your existing siding is faded and worn out. Maybe the stucco is water stained and cracked in places.  Whatever your reasons are, it's your job as the homeowner to make sure that the siding contractor you choose is going to do the job the right way. What we mean by the right way is that your existing exterior must be removed prior to having the new exterior installed. It has been our experience upon doing an estimate to find out that other exterior companies have advised the customer to install the new exterior directly over the old one. This is terrible advice and it is doing you and your home a great disservice. 

Aside from the appearance of an old exterior, sometimes heat loss is a factor. What kind of insulation is behind that stucco? Is there any? Perhaps it's been water damaged or has deteriorated over time. How will you know if it's time to replace the insulation or add it if the old exterior is not removed? Adding or replacing the insulation can have a significant effect on your heating bill which is an important thing to consider with our long cold winters. When insulation is put over top of stucco or existing siding the insulation will not be able to work properly to retain heat in your home. 

When putting new siding over top of stucco the installer first has to put strapping all around the house in order to have a place to nail into. Making sure everything is level is important. But installing over stucco can make the siding look warped and wavy as it is not likely that it will be laying flat. Also, when nailing, it is inevitable that some stucco will be knocked off. Where does it go when this happens? It falls in behind the siding which can be to heavy causing pieces to unclip or it can cause a bulging appearance. 

In our opinion, when a company tells a homeowner to just cover up the old exterior without removing it, they are just avoiding hard work. Because it's true, tearing off an old exterior is not easy. It is hard and dirty work. But it is simply the way to get the job done right. 

We understand the desire to get the job done quickly in order to make money but that is not what Exterior Finishers Direct is all about. We will put in that extra day or two and extra effort into a job just to make sure things get done correctly. Because when it is done correctly it will look great, it will last for years to come and you the homeowner will be happy. That is our goal with each exterior project we undertake.