James Hardie Siding

Hardie Siding is a fibre cement board made of a composite material consisting of sand, cement and cellulose fibres. Requiring little if any maintenance once installed, this product is non-combustible, has a high impact resistance, won't warp or buckle and compared to wood siding is not susceptible to rot or termites.

Masquerading as wood or masonry, James Hardie offers a 30 year warranty on a product with strength, beauty and durability that wears like concrete yet enhances and protects the home in the harshest elements.

HardiePlank Lapsiding consists of overlapping horizontal boards, imitating wooden siding. With a woodgrain and smooth finish, each plank is 12' long with available widths being 5.25", 6.25", 7.25", 8.25", 9.25" and 12".


 Hardie Shingles or shakes, offer the same warm, authentic look as cedar shingles, yet resists rotting, cracking and splitting. They come in a staggered, straight and half round style which will provide a handcrafted look for your home.

Hardie Panel otherwise known as vertical siding or board and batten is unique with crisp clean lines. On it's own or paired with lapsiding, it adds a visual punch to the design of the home. Also available in a woodgrain and smooth finish.


Hardie Trims give a variety of design possibilities when used on the corners, as decorative trims around windows and doors, on gables and as frieze boards and column wraps. Trims come in 4", 6" 8" and 12" as well as a 3" batten. They give the home added architectural elements.

James Hardie uses ColorPlus Technology which involves a process of applying multiple coats of paint that is specially formulated with UV protection to stand up to the demands that our Saskatchewan climate places on the home's exterior siding. Baked onto the primed siding board, the paint offers maximum durability and resistance to prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures and wind as well as our province's higher UV levels. ColorPlus Technology offers better colour fade resistance with a 15 year warranty on the paint to ensure a lasting finish everytime.

We at Exterior Finishers Direct specialize in the application of Hardie siding. We appreciate the durability of this product and love the traditional and timeless look it provides. It is a cost effective choice we don't think you will regret making.




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